Purchase of Clients Plant or Partial Inventory

We are able to pay all cash for entire facilities, or individual assets. Our outright purchase program benefits clients requiring cash now, and who need to have their surplus assets removed from their facility.

Consignment Sales Program

We move your assets to our warehouse, or sell from your facility your surplus equipment and inventories. There are no “Out of Pocket” costs to you for the above service. We even advance asset-moving costs, and provide cleaning and repair services on your behalf. We are not paid unless we sell your assets. At the end of each month you receive a detailed report, Less expenses advanced with payment for your share of the sales proceeds. Our Consignment Sales Program benefits clients looking for the greatest cash yield over a longer period of time.

Asset Sourcing & Sales

A major part of our business is sourcing industrial assets for our clients. We sell direct via phone or E-Mail contact through our E-Com Store at IARDEALS.COM. Call 877-745-1775 or for more details.

Easy Steps to Turning Your Assets into Cash

  • Fill out and send back the attached spreadsheet. If you have your inventory on a spreadsheet you can send that.
  • We will give you an offer once we receive your inventory information.
  • We will send you prepaid shipping labels once we get a list of the pallet and/or carton quantities and sizes.
  • If you are an established credit rated company we can pay you upfront. For others, we will send a payment by PayPal or check within 72 hours of receiving and verifying inventory.
  • If we feel that that a Consignment arrangement would be better for you we will advise you accordingly.